Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 4 June 2018

Some Britain's hedges.

Picked up on ebay some old Britain's hedges - should go well with the 1897 figures even if they are 1/32nd scale. Plus they add a bit of flavour.
They fit OK with these dragoons.

There is some damage and I thought about repainting - then decided against as they just add to the charm.


  1. Never seen these. I have some of the Britain's plastic hedges where you plug in the foliage, and I used to have some flat Johilco metal hedges, but these are new to me. Interesting.

    1. There were some plastic hedges that I missed (ie, forgot to bid) plus a few trees etc that simply went outside my target range. There's time for those.

  2. God that takes me back. They still look the business though. Well done in grabbing them.