Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 8 June 2018

ZinnBrigade moulds arrived.

This could be a strange 3 posts in one day session depending on whether I get the Austro-Hungarian colour plates sorted...

Anyway, ZinnBrigade moulds just arrived - they took a while because (as I already knew from the website) one of the ones I wanted was not in stock at the time I ordered them and I elected to wait rather than have 2 separate deliveries.

So at some stage I'll have to cast some... and as I haven't managed to do any casting this year yet (or last year?) could be a while. Or not. At least I just need the melting pot and not the whole spincaster setup!


  1. These look nice.... but don't let them put you off setting the spincaster up :)

    1. I keep saying I'm going to have a session but...