Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 14 January 2019

Being silly - phalangites.

Just that - being silly. Normally phalangites would be spread over several armies but couldn't resist this. This lot are totally unsorted and 'unprocessed'. So it's a mix of bases, lots of figures with no sarissa, lots 'missing' on the grounds I've just collected together the 'main' boxes...

Numbers. Harry originally sold me 250, but he had 400. When they arrived he'd sent... 400. Not all are here though. Add the 150 or so Garrison conversions I was building up - another 50 strong unit had been prepped ready for painting, cancelled when Harry's figures arrived. Then the original Macedonians and Seleucids from my 70's army.

OK, what's actually here? Lot's missing, the troops mustered have a 35 base frontage. 4 to a base, most units 4 deep, others deeper. Total about 600 phalangites (my total force is about 750-800). Total length 84"/7'.

These pictures aren't really good - but they look spectacular on the ground.

Some Minifigs Alexandrian phalangites with thinner pikes next to the start of my converted Garrison units.

The 3 units of Garrison conversions - left flank are Asiatics with trousers painted on, middle standard phalangites, right flank 'elites' - G16 Boetian pike with a longer pike!

Mainly Minifigs Successor phalangites. The unit with the bronze shield are Garrison conversions credited by Harry to Ray McGarry  

Continuing the Harry component.

The 2 right hand units are from my original 70's army - the Alexandrian phalangites are from a 48 strong very early PB unit with the telegraph pole pikes, about 1972/3, Trivia re the extreme right Hinchliffe unit - mid 70's entered them as part of an army in the Ancients section painting competition at the National Wargames Championships and it won.  Wouln't win today and besides unkind people could point out that it was the only entry...


  1. So you're starting to get down to the 1:10 scale? Time to double the ranks! (or at least go 6 deep) :)

    1. 300 Spartans 1:1 I think I can manage for Greeks, eventually would like to be able to do some decent sized battles on the old WRG 1:20 but even that would still be a maximum (and unworkable) 20-30,000 man armies - 2-3,000 figures a table ???? - probably could do a reasonable battle on a 12' table with a maximum of 1,000 figures a side...

      Did once take part in a massive battle with thousands of figures a side and a dozen figures deep - so many figures that it took the two sides too long to get into action so it was just abandoned. Still, keep thinking about it.