Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Limited reinforcements 2 - Palmyra

Palmyra isn't a 'proper' army yet. I've got the odd unit - for example, these cataphracts , but it's definitely a 'work in progress'.

A couple of recent purchases have got them a bit closer though.
Most recently, this batch of infantry archers.
Not painted to a brilliant standard, but workable.
Don't know if they've been 'dipped', if so not a very successful job.

A cavalry unit bought before Christmas - listed as Palmyrian and I'm not about to argue.

Better paint job than the archers which is good...


  1. An unusual and great looking army!

  2. I rather like the paint job on the two archers in close up, I think they look great.

    1. They were by far the best of the infantry.