Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 11 January 2019

Limited reinforcements 1 - the Celts

Recently I've been getting small scale reinforcements from E Bay.

This lot are additions to the Celtic forces. The cavalry are, I believe, Ancient Brits whilst the infantry seem to include a bunch of Irish. Not the same as my current Celtic forces.

They still need some work doing to them but the Celts could well an early project this year - I've still to rebase the Garrison component of the army. The Celts generally are a small enough force to be an early contender for a Review this year.

Not the best painted figures in my armies but give a useful light cavalry component.

Plus a few Irish...

As stated before, cavalry are mainly Ancient Brits with the reversed jockey caps.


  1. I like those... after a dust off they will fir in nicely with your armies.

    1. Hope so. The Irish and Ancient Brit figures help fill a gap and if I paint up some of the few Picts I've got lying around it could be even more useful.