Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Spain v the Celts - double DBA-ish Part the Second

Second phase of the battle as in second session - so  I've also reset the tree counter!
Scene at the end of movement in Move 5.

Another river proved no obstacle for the Celts - both rivers threw a 1, could have made a difference on the other flank if it had proved uncrossable on a 6. Really, though, on this flank nothing much happened!

The Spanish forward hill is starting to get a bit surrounded by Celts...

While the other hill awaits the onslaught. The Spanish general and other cavalry are meanwhile fully occupied.

The battle for the Spanish left continues...

Move 6 sees the Spanish advanced hill looking a bit fragile as it's completely surrounded.

And... the onslaught starts on the other hill.

And... The Spanish left is a bit crumbly.

End of the move see dead warbands and auxilia all over the place. Mostly warbands.

The position is pretty even at this point - both sides have lost 7 elements. The Spanish are a mix of troop types, the Celts are all warband! Mainly due to frontally charging Auxilia on hills.

It isn't as even as the casualties imply though - the Spanish left flank is about to go under.

Meanwhile there is a clash of generals. The Spanish general is actually Carthaginian - ex-Harry bodyguard, and the fact they are on palominos suggest he painted them - think Harry likes palominos. Don't remember where I got the general from, could have been Harry.

Closer view of the Spanish left at the point of contact.

Closer view of the Spanish left after contact - LI pushed off the edge of the world and cavalry pushed back without being able to go anywhere.

Lots of infantry dying on a hill.

View from the Spanish right...

View from the Spanish left... At which point the Celts had lost 8 elements, the Spanish 12. More importantly, the Spanish position didn't seem to be viable so battle over.

An interesting battle. I tried to play it as a battle rather than a wargame - as a competition wargame I wouldn't have launched the warbands against the hill the way I did here and I would have held the Spanish left back rather than go for the river line. I would possibly have been a bit more aggressive with the Auxilia on the second hill. Might even re-run the battle doing that sometime. It was good finding out the way the terrain affected everything - good battle.

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