Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 21 October 2019

If you have a painting block...

... Paint elephants. Or chariots.

So, having started some Sherden, then more of the Langley figures, then some 42mm Russians, all stalled... looked at 4 of the elephants sitting on a shelf and decided 'Why not'.
Went for a slightly different look to the other 6 of these - 6 is enough for an army in most cases so by doing these a bit differently I can use them in two different armies and look as though it's intentional rather than just splitting a unit.

Original intention was to put shields on the side but in the event I didn't.
Comparison between the two sets. The bronze paint I used for the armour is different, the 'new' elephants have uncovered ears and the crews are in red.

So, it means I now have 10 painted 'S' Range armoured elephants with PB Mahout and 'S' Range Late Roman archer crew - every now and then I buy up some Late Romans and they always seem to come with archers so I've got quite a few. In howdahs you can't see their breeches and they fit in well so, why not?

Next, get started on finishing more of the the Assyrian chariots.