Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Painting some Indians

Been busy last few days... lots of Indians archers and cavalry sorted, still more to do. One thing about Indians - wargames paint the flesh in all different shades ranging from flesh to black. The ones I've been doing to match the army I got from Harry use Vallejo medium flesh; for the ones I'm doing now I've painted brown to give a range of skin tones.A quick search shows they were given their brown spray nearly 3 years ago!

70 odd archers and 24 cavalry so far. Not bad for about 5 days work.

Extra heavy cavalry had already been started and were finished using the same flesh colour as the 'main' army.

Light cavalry mounted on Garrison horses - I've got a lot of Minifigs Indian horses but I'm keeping most of them back for chariots. Light cavalry rather than mediums - already got a couple of units of medium cavalry, will no doubt be painting more!
Infantry very simple basic wargames figures , no frills and quite roughly painted.

Still got a lot of poor quality painted figures to sort.

However, at the moment concentrating on getting more unpainted figures done.
One thing is that I haven't done an Indian army Review since I bought the original army, just various chariots and elephants as they were added. So probably do a full Review when I've got more figures painted and based.


  1. Looking very good Rob, I particularly like the Garrison figures.

    1. To be fair, the only Garrison figures here are the LC horses - but on average I certainly prefer Garrison horses to Minifigs.

    2. Me too Rob... just wish I could lay my hands on some ;) I do like the early Minifigs horses, but they are a bit on the small side. Fantastic work as always.

    3. I've got various horses lying around - email what you want to and I'll look