Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 17 February 2019

A Garrison Persian cavalry Review

Having added 3 squadrons of cavalry to the army I thought it would be nice to see all my Garrison ethnic Persian cavalry in one place - ethnic Persian so ones like Theban, Egyptian or Assyrian cavalry are excluded, although ethnic is being used very loosely as I have added Scythians!

Originally my Garrison Persian cavalry force only numbered about 60 figures. Attrition over the years reduced this so the low point was probably nearer 40! Two things changed. Firstly, buying Garrison has meant casting and painting large numbers myself, secondly buying Harry's collection was an immediate expansion. So this Review has something like 330 figures in it...
This shows the state of the Garrison component in June 2012. Some of these units are themselves no longer in existence.

Today there are a few more figures. I've just about given up trying to get an angle for the frontage - I can't step back far enough.

Right flank light cavalry all by me, including a converted squadron of Scythians. Need more Scythians.

The 6 main squadrons of spear/shield cavalry, all cast and painted by me - 72 figures.

This picture shows a right mixture. The right flank Spear/shield cavalry are more for second line service - the front squadron are early 70's survivors, those behind are ex-Harry. Then there is a block of 4 squadrons of 12 Spear/bow/shield cavalry on unarmoured horses - useful as Xerxes or later Colonist cavalry up to about 420BCE. At the back are some survivors of my original cataphract unit on half armoured horses , some camels and a line of spear/bow cavalry acting as 'fillers'.

Together with that 'filler' unit, a total of 5 line spear/bow squadrons next to some ex-Harry spear/bow mounted as light cavalry. I would look on these as Middle/Late Period  - say, 420-336(?)

My ex-Harry light cavalry.

The Guard squadron at the front are from the time of the March of the 10,000 and represent Cyrus's bodyguard. However, the unit had a fraught beginning and there were only 9 survivors from an original 15 - hence the additional general's element stuck in the middle. These Greek-style Persians should really be the basis of most Persian 'Regular' units up to the time of Alexander - so need more on both armoured and unarmoured horses. Perhaps that should be my main area to concentrate on this year?

The front row Guards unit is one I generally use for early Persian armies - ie, Cyrus the Great. Need more of these units - I like the figure. There is another element in green robes I did for a DBA army, just didn't include it here. Perhaps I should have a mould made with some head variations?

Which basically means I've enough cavalry for Xerxes and Co, it's just the very early and very late armies I need more of...

er... I mean, it's just the very early and very late armies I WANT more of. Easy to get mixd up between the two.


  1. It's an astonishing collection Rob - I've really enjoyed reading about it and spotting some old friends amongst the ranks - great stuff!

    1. Finished painting some of the latest Minifigs S Range from Harry so even more old friends waiting.

  2. Now that's what I call a cavalry force! Splendid.