Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

First encounter 2

Peering into the mist... thump, run over... something... the car veers off the road and shudders to a stop...

The officers get out of the squad car. The mist is so heavy they can't see each other. Shouting to each other, even their voices are muffled by the swirling gloom.

As Officer Mason went the front of the car to assess damage Officer Bowen got out his carbine and went to the back... to see if he could find what they had hit...

Mason screamed... wildly shooting at... something. Bowen feels a bullet graze his leg...

He shouts out and goes forward... Mason on the ground with... something... he fires and it backs off into the mist... a high pitched squealing sound...

No time for heroics. He helps Mason into the squad car, backs it back on the road and they leave the area...

Back at the station. No serious injuries but... Mason, 'What were they? tentacles and eyes. When I shot them the bullets just went straight through...' Bowen, 'Carbine worked. Blew holes in the thing. Skin just burst open. The colours... kept changing. But the worst thing... that squealing... did you hear? Not the one I shot... But the fact that, back in the mist, something answered. Something loud enough to cut through the air, something a hundred times bigger...'


  1. Yikes.. all the more scary as we can't see the "thing" and it's left to our imagination.

    1. That's why I made a point of taking the narrative from the point of view of the one that didn't roll with a clear view... not sure what I would have done if they had both rolled to see the things... cheat?