Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A cabin in the woods

Always felt that the Cabin in the Woods was one of the main horror classic settings. Being, at the moment, in a state that can only be described as ennui due to my current infirmity I'm not really doing a lot... so decided that one thing I perhaps could do is to start basing a load of trees. As they started piling up (bit of an overstatement - perhaps a dozen individual new trees and an A4 wood) I just spread them around the table, added a few others and a couple of buildings... hunters v Wengigo perhaps? - except, don't have a Wendigo, have got a few other monsters though... use HoTT combat factors initially plus saving throws?

Seemed like a plan so I set it up...
I thought 2 cabins at the end of a hike but a couple of street lights - pure fantasy setup, don't think any hunting lodges in the UK would be set up like this!

The more I look at it, his figure reminds me of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stuart from Dr Who. So think I'll call him Colonel Stuart. Naturally, I've given him the biggest lodge.
Bit blurry this picture...
The one with the more 'American' look - well, Joe McCoy was the gardener at Norman's so a switch to Bill Hatfield seems like a good name.

So, to start the story, out they were shooting at game and  things in the woods behind the cabin. Dusk was falling so they saw movement - bang, very loud screech... Nothing, no dead animal, no trace of what they hit. So back to their own cabins for the night.

 Or, at least, for part of the night...


  1. Nice work... a very sylvan setting. I always fancied gaming the Mi-Go attack on the house in The Whisperer in Darkness. Sorry I haven't been commenting recently, just up to my eyes in it. The Moonbeast has gone to Oakbound Studios who might tinker with it to get some more poses, and hopefully get it into production.

    1. If made smaller as 28mm humany sized figures they would make a great fantasy army - as in Lovecraft they were a race in their own right. Interesting action could be their city attacked by an army of Nightgaunts.