Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Other Partizan 2019 - some of the stands

By no means comprehensive and even missed the WW2 one that gained best in show! Then again, I tend to take pictures that show buildings or layouts to give me ideas later anyway. For most of these, I'm simply doing a picture of the blurb followed by a picture or two of the stand.
Liked this one because of the simple, effective modular layout.

This game was spread over 3 pasting tables. A neat touch was making the board circular so that the corners could be used as 'storage'.

Can't recall seeing many people play this one, but very simple card buildings layout and pretty topical!

Added because the layout looked neat and generated ideas in my mind...

I've got more photos of the individual elements - again, useful for giving me layout ideas.

Lots of nice buildings - the sort of thing I want photos of.

Steven spotted this effective use of materials and plastic aquarium plants right at the end so I took a couple of photos - but didn't make a note of who ran it! I do know it was about the 1944 attack on Pelelui in the Pacific.

And a few minutes after taking the last pictures took these - we stayed pretty much to the end.

Note I haven't duplicated entries for any of the games from Part 1.


  1. Some great looking photos Rob.

  2. Thanks for posting the photos. It is very interesting to see the variety of games on offer.