Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 10 February 2020

Temptation... Prussan Landwehr

The temptation came from here.

Freely admit it, mine aren't painted as well!
Figures still need to be touched up a bit and varnished.

The infantry figure is one I painted several years ago for the  online catalogue.
Officer and standard bearer both made from the marching infantryman.

Small example of the finishing needed - officer's cap.


  1. Glad to have led you astray, Rob!
    I take it those are Elbe Landwehr (light blue facings)? Whatever the case, they'll make a splendid battalion. I must say they've got an extraordinarily sharp-looking point to their flagstaff. Do you make these yourself?

    1. Painted the original infantryman about 12-13 years ago when I tried putting the range out so now I honestly can't remember what he was or where the colour scheme came from! Years ago I bought a load of commercially produced brass pikes to use with figures, never used them but cut down they serve well as a basis for flagstaffs.