Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 16 February 2020

The Old Guard

Second French unit finished... one more to go. Before then, though, I intend to do the Highlanders and, probably, some Prussian Landwehr.
I used a 3 man command group because I had 2 possible standard bearer options and didn't know which one to use.

So I did both. As the tricolour didn't come into use until 1812 I had to use the later style of Regimental flag. Well, I didn't really but...

Usual extra view without the command group hiding everything.

The two styles. One is a Grenadier officer with the tricolour, the other being a converted marching infantry figure. Garrison officers are very useful for converting to standard bearers! I do have an Eagles mould so could have given these figures Eagles. Just didn't.

The officer should have a longer sword but it had a nick in the blade so I cut it down a bit.


  1. Your Napoleonics are coming on at a pace - what rules do you intend using?

    1. I always use the same basic system. Modified DBX. Working solo, I don't need to do alternate moves or PIPs. I also modify factors and give missile weapons a range rather than just contact. Likewise, movement is usually based on a standard 6" infantry move. Plus I have been known to use morale factors.

      OK, they are based in DBX elements and factors are based on DBX originals...