Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 28 February 2021

1,000 hoplites Review

 Having cleared away Newhaven and having all those hoplites I've painted this year lying around I thought: let's have a Garrison Hoplite Review...

 I originally planned to leave spaces between the units but couldn't get them all the picture.

There are slightly more than 1,000 of them, but who's counting?

With the exception of some of the Spartans and Thebans the front 6 ranks are all G3, next 6 ranks the cavalry conversion. Back ranks are various other Garrison hoplites - I haven't used any of my Minifigs hoplites in this Review, they are all Garrison.

The original set up didn't include my Asiatic Greek hoplites but left me a bit under 100 figures short for the full 1,000... so I thought 'why not?'

OK, so that would suit one target - I can field 1,000 Garrison hoplites; what next? Probably 500 each of G3 and cavalry conversion (must give it a code!)... so that would leave me another 400 figures or so to paint. Perhaps that would make a good 2021 target? Can't see me managing it though!


  1. OK, so at 1:10, you're pretty much there for Marathon but the line is a bit deep. Might have to move this one to the floor or outside.

    Now, will twice the number of Persians do?

    Having a spin caster, moulds and metal is obviously a dangerous thing! :)

    1. Very dangerous. Now you've got me thinking I'm a bit short of Persians:) - plus, would be nice to have a 30 or 40 foot long table... the frontage of this lot is about a metre or so, at 8 ranks deep I could just about get it on an 8' in theory I could actually do a battle using all of them facing a respectable Persian force... except... back around the mid-70s I took part in a 'bring everything you've got' Greek v Roman battle, 3-4 players a side, depth of each army not much different to what I've got here but over about 12'... took so long to move everything that a few hours later only about 2-3 units on either side had made contact with the enemy! Never again.

  2. You would need many Persian archers to hold them back:-) An impressing view!