Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 15 April 2019

Almost but not quite Issos...

Having spent a lot of time on  Minifigs recently I thought it was about time to do something with Garrison.

I decided to go with an Alexandrian versus Persian battle and Issos seemed a good starting point.
Initial setup. General scenario, Alexander and a few friends forcing a river crossing against a force of Persian cavalry and Greek mercenaries.

The Persians. At Issos, the Persian army was 50:50 Persian cavalry and Greek mercenaries. However, the Greeks took no part in the battle until after the Persians were beaten and simply sat on a hill. Further, I didn't have a bigger hill. So seemed reasonable to just use enough Greeks to fill the hill. Those windows at the back make photography awkward.

Macedonian right flank - Companions, Hypaspists and start of the phalanx covered by a few light archers.

The Macedonian centre. 3 48 strong phalanx units covered by some light javelins.

Macedonian left - Greek cavalry covered by some slingers.

First move, Macedonians start advancing to the river and expanding their frontage. Persians start moving to cover the river but making sure to hold back the cavalry behind the scythed chariots.

Macedonian cavalry move a bit to the right as they approach the river while the archers start to cover the gap. If the Persian cavalry look a bit washed out... those windows behind them make photography a bit awkward...
View from behind the Macedonian army as the Companions reach the river.

View at the end of the first move just before the Companions have reached the river. The Macedonian left is in danger of being a bit outflanked. If the river at the bottom of the picture looks strange, could be because I ran out of narrower sections.


  1. Great to see some of your armies in action!

  2. A great set up Rob. Issus is a toughie for the Persians and really to win they need to utilise their phalanx troops. It looks great with Garrison figures.