Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

As I said... ALMOST...

It's one thing to sort-of do a refight, but that isn't always as satisfying as... well, I'm a wargamer, what if...

In this case, got up to the point of the last post and started looking at things from a wargamers viewpoint.

Now, one thing to remember. I tend to type these posts in a kind of 'real time'. The things I've typed so far is where I'm at after my last post. Everything that happens next in the post... hasn't been done yet.

So, now done, let battle recommence.

The Persian plan was to hit the Macedonians as they crossed the river. However, the 'real' Issos involved the Greeks on the hill just sitting there... seemed to me a lot better to pin the Macedonians in the centre with the Greeks and move the cavalry to the flanks...

So here we have the Greeks coming off their hill while the scythed chariots hit the javelins as they emerge from the river.

Masses of Persian cavalry heading for the Macedonian left flank.

While other Persian light cavalry hit Alexander and his Companions on the Persian left.

As pretty much expected - javelins destroyed, but next move chariots will hit the phalanx.

As not expected... sometimes, the dice just aren't with you...

Technically the Companions were destroyed but routing takes a better photo.
At this point I don't think there's much hope for the Macedonians so I ended today's post here - but will do and record the rest of the battle anyway.  Perhaps Macedonians could have done with a unit of light cavalry here as well, but some things are just fate.


  1. Really fantastic to see these old campaigners in action - I thought I had a lot of Persians too - turns out I was wrong :)

    1. I have many...many Persians. One of the nicest aspects is that most of the figures in this games were not only cast by me but also originally converted by - it's a holistic thing.

  2. Certainly seems to be one of the points of wargaming to me.

    The look of the game is another but you've got that point too!

  3. Large armies that look good en masse at a normal viewing distance with a plain uncluttered table. Always the way I've liked - no pretence of brilliantly sculptored or painted figures, just set them up and go.