Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Ending Issos

This lot are where not-Issos had reached before I was sent to hospital. Because of the long delays before I'll be able to do anything else with it I may as well end it - pretty much a case of Cunaxa rather than Issos, the phalanx is going to end up completely isolated then have to get home - except Persia will have lots of Greek mercenaries around, so may find it harder.

The Macedonian right flank is about to be overwhelmed.

The Macedonian left isn't looking happy.
Continuation of the Macedonian right being outflanked

And I just don't understand how the Macedonian left has survived this far.

At the end of the day the Macedonian phalanx would have a chance of breaking the Greek mercenaries before they are swamped by cavalry in the rear - but then what?


  1. Can l infer you are home from hospital and moving forward by this post?

    1. Nope, still in hospital, wife brought me my camera with last photos up o the stage reached, worked on them on my laptop at the hospital and (painfully) slowly uploaded lower than usual resolution photos and posted from the hospital. Expect to be in for a few more days or longer, plus possible outpatients? Got 2 sets of specialists supposed to be seeing me this afternoon, but really don't know any more than I did a week ago. Got rid of most of the water my body was retaining though.