Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

More Egyptians?

Finally got the rest of the Egyptians finished - some scouts and a couple of infantry units. And that is mostly it...

Archers, spears and scouts...

Slight mix of figures for the spear unit

Considering the archers to be the elites I've given them bronze rather than crocodile armour.
The cavalry have been abstracted from Ptah - Garrison horses because at the time I painted them I didn't have any Minifigs.

And this lot of newly painted Nubians replace them in Ptah - complete with S Range horses!

The Pharaoh's Division is now on a par with all of the others - never intended it to be this way, it's just that I had to do something with all the odd figures lying around and the 4 Divisions of the Army were full!


  1. I must say those Garrison horses do look splendid - I had forgotten how nicely animated they were compared to the Minifigs 'S' range. Great stuff :)

    1. Garrison horses were always my favourite - and much copied by others as far as style goes. Minifigs S Range horses were, well, weird.