Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 4 April 2019

'S' Range Persian horse archer.

Another 'orphan' unit. I've got loads of the Egyptian and Assyrian S Range horse archers but only 8 Persians. 12 being my standard Persian unit (unlike 6 for Egyptian scouts) they've been lying around for a while. Decided to paint 6 rather than all 8 as I had 6 'spare' S Range horses lying around. I've got a load of Assyrians waiting to be painted - might paint some of them up as Persian cavalry rather than as Assyrian light horse, they make a pretty fair representation of early Persian cavalry.

Persians in the Delta... thought I might as well add a backdrop of palm trees.

Not based yet, they'll be on open order bases as light cavalry.

I've used one of my 3 standard patterns for the tunic - lots of dots - with a flower motif on the Gorytus.

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