Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 26 April 2019


The human prisoner looked at the Shurm medic and inched back in his cell. The Shurm had what was an obvious hypodermic syringe of human design. It wasn't empty.

'What's that?' the human asked.

'AntiBiotic. Painless. We aren't barbarians like the Oookli.'

The human gradually relaxed a bit and let the medic inject him. Death followed quickly and painlessly.

Humans were funny. It was almost as if they thought that AntiBiotic had a different meaning for them. Yet surely it was plain - Anti as in against and Biotic as in biologicals...


  1. Morning Rob... for your sanity's sake, I really think they should send you home. Did this piece stem from an encounter at your current residence?

  2. A bit dark - are you alright?