Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Tooth Fairy the game

Totally untested and at time of writing these words it only exists in my head. A game for 2 or more players...

The premise is that you are a trainee tooth fairy on your first mission. Your objective is to get as many teeth as possible and, should you accidentally remove a mouthful when that individual is still using them - well, you then have to avoid your supervisor finding out.

Each trainee has a nominal street as their territory.
Move to the first house (bottom left). All  players dice at the same time. 1 or 2 equals nothing, 3 or 4 1 tooth collected, 5 or 6 2 teeth. You dice again and if you roll a 1or 2 you've 'got' someone by accident. You multiply your  score at that house with 1D6. Enter your score in the square representing the house. If you had accidentally removed the teeth from someone's mouth mark an 'x' next to the square. Note if didn't get any teeth you don't roll for an accident. Move on to the next house unless you decide you have collected enough teeth and go back to base.

Why would you not want to complete all 12 houses? Keep reading.

You take your haul back to base. But your boss is a suspicious type. Your figures look high... Roll a die for every 'accident'. 3 or above you got away with it.

A 2 and you have your highest-scoring accident confiscated - it's cumulative, 2 2s and you lose your top 2 accidents.

Roll a 1 on any of your dice and you not only lose all your teeth but you are sacked and kicked out of Fairy Land to spend the rest of your life trying to get jobs as a cleaner in a Dentist's.

The winner, of course, is the one who is left with the most teeth. The stop at any time you want is a measure of how much of a risk taker you are...

I should point out (before anyone complains) that the 1 street and the teeth collected represent the real thing. I don't really believe, for example, that the maximum number of teeth a person has is 12!

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