Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Something to do today

OK, sometimes keeping to a hospital or doctor theme is tenuous...

Surgeon fired off a few more missiles. A sudden shock wave from a near miss. The battle wasn't going well.

Sudden flash - another one gone. That's a light cruiser ahead. Not one of ours and BatCom not coming up with an id. Missiles away, easily intercepted. Annoying.

Surgeon kept thinking to himself 'Sure there's something I'm supposed to do today.' No, can't think. Concentrate on the fight.

That cruiser is finding it too easy to stop everything. Our losses are too high, not doing anything against his lot. Cruiser getting closer - starting to shoot back. Near miss. Give it a full spread. Closer, missiles still deflected or shot down.

Surgeon floored it, accelerating towards the enemy. Only one thing left to take this guy out.

He finally realised what he had to do today.


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