Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Japanese Type 97 TE-KE light tank.

One of the armies I'm revisiting from the past is my Japanese WW2 army - an army that had it's genesis in the 60s with Airfix Bren Gun Carrier conversions (long gone!), lots of scratch built artillery and, later, plastic and carved balsa tanks. Currently I'm using this army as a good birthday/Christmas option. Some tanks already acquired, some painted.


Type 97 TE-KE, as usual with my WW2 stuff it's a much cruder paint job than many WW2 gamers manage!

However, it does the job and looks OK on the table. The varnish was supposed to be a matt finish...



  1. I have to admit that they are rather attractive.

    1. I've always liked Japanese light tanks - pretty useless, but quirky.