Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Tales of the Lovecraft 1

We entered another region of dead and dying weed. Recent experience told us that a landmass was often at the centre of such regions...

Hopefully an island could supply us with wood for fuel or fresh water.

But.. it wasn't really an island. A structure made up of cyclopean stone blocks rose from the surface of the sea.

Taking soundings we found we could berth the Lovecraft alongside one section of the structure.

We made sure that a watch was kept on the seaward side.

A landing party was dispatched and clambered to the top of the blocks.

To find that the centre of the structure consisted of a dank sunken square...

There was a sense of death and decay. Unhealthy looking toadstools, etc, and a smell of decay...

In one corner what looked looked like a giant spider web...

 Note: The spider web is real. I am assured the spider wasn't all that poisonous and that the swelling should soon go down. If not, chances are it still won't be fatal.


  1. The Lovecraft looks great! Looking forward to seeing this mysterious tail develop.

    1. Lovecraft is a Sgt's Mess BO9 Coastal/Tramp Steamer - a very useful model.

  2. "Do not land on the isl......." Sighhh "too late"

  3. What could possibly go wrong? 😳

    All the best. Aly