Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 25 February 2019

Sanity break - Imperial Rome

Couple of lots of Lovecraft, so time for something a bit more 'normal'.

Romans are one of those strange armies as far as I'm concerned - never seem to get round to finishing Roman armies, nearest I've ever managed to get to a full metal Roman army is my Irregular force. Generally, I manage an odd unit. Having said that, I am quietly making my way through a Garrison force - for example, here and here.

 So lot are recent ones from Harry, a mix of S and early PB - with the Romans there was a lot of similarity and some early PBs were simply re badged S Range.
Much simplified shield pattern - nice and quick to paint.

Likewise, the back view. One of the quickest units I've painted in a long time.

Command group - suppose this lot is the 1st cohort as it's got the Eagle. Which means it should be double strength but...