Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Airfix Ancient Brits

Looking at my old-time armies, the current Minifigs force (and, later, Garrison figures) basically replace all the old Airfix figures I have. Airfix have provided lots of other armies of course, and Ancient Brits formed the basis of most of my pre-Garrison chariots as well  - I think I had about 20 boxes when I bought out a shop that had them on serious offer (closing down sale).

Anyway, these photos show a few of the figures I have on hand at the moment - lots more of them hiding around the place.

This warband represents closer order figures than the ones I've based recently and 4Wb armies such as Galations rather than Brits.


  1. For me there just aren't any better Celtic types.... I wish some enterprising company would do a kickstarter to make these same figures in 28mm....and the Roman set complete with chariot. I'm sure they would sell well.

    1. Possibly would sell, not sure if they would sell enough to actually make a profit though. The set itself has been pretty useful over the years.