Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 22 February 2016

Some old Greeks

And Macedonians, Thracians and Successors...

These are some of my (mainly) 1970s figures that have yet to be updated to the element-based system. In fact, although many have been repainted since then, some are still in mid-70s paint schemes.

These figures are Minifigs PB Range late Republican Romans serving as Seleucid 'Imitation Legionaries'. At this moment in time I could do with a load more of them to build up an army to plug a gap in that period...

Over the years I've had a lot of Companion cavalry; these are not the earliest, probably late 70s, the General being earlier. Element based by the simple expedient of gluing 3 individually based figures  to a larger base. No, I can't remember why some have red crests, some black - could be that I simply didn't get round to overpainting the black ones red?

In the late 70s most of my figures were being bought from Bill Lamming. I got an army of Sassanids, liked the cataphract figure, and bought a few extra to replace my Successor EHC figures.

I now have quite a substantial force of Thracians acquired from several sources - and all this Minifigs PB Range figure. These are my original mid-70s from my original Macedonian/Seleucid force. Yes, they are looking a bit the worse for wear, but then they've been campaigning for 40 years.

PB Cretan archers and Greek slingers, again in mid 70s livery. In those days I used to flock bases - the flock has faded quite a bit over the years. I should say, the remaining flock has faded.

The staff slingers are a later addition to the army but I have no idea when I bought them.

Another part of the early army - I didn't like the PB Successor light cavalry so bought these Hinchliffe versions to replace them.