Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Pikes and Elephants

Time for some really old time figures from the distant past.

This lot date back to 1974. In those days I used to put figures  into painting competitions. These were part of the army that won the Ancients section in the National Wargames Championships in 1974. It probably spoils the effect that they were the only entry.

The next unit was painted a bit faster and, for some reason, I painted the sarissae and belts white. Perhaps more weirdly, I never corrected the mistake.

No army in those days could do without the Britain's elephant, these ones serving as Indian elephants with a Macedonian crewman. They need a bit of work to overcome years of neglect, but overall seem to have survived quite well.


  1. What a joy to see this army!! Love the flowers on the elephants too!

    1. In those days everyone painted flowers on Indian elephants because that's what the book said - the Indian army post, same flowers painted by someone else. My Macedonians/Seleucids were never upgraded when basing by element came in - I need to spend some time on them. No way I could paint rivets on the pikes these days!

  2. Hear hear! Marvellous old figures, and nicely painted too.

  3. Nice models. I love the "flower power" elephants
    Keep showing more please