Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Some old Garrison Hoplites

One of my favourite figures was the old Garrison hoplite with Corinthian helmet. It was quite a shock when I ordered some and the figures that arrived were the new, larger 25mm ones. Anyway, the unit of the old style ones formed a mainstay of my Greeks until I bought Garrison.

The original figures were modified a bit - I replaced the short spear with a longer wire one, some lost their crests for the sake of variety... they finally went out of service because they were replaced by unmodified figures.

 These are the originals.

Their eventual replacements are now the Athenian component of my Greek armies.

The front unit is ones I did a few years ago, the rest were part of Harry's collection.

However, the Garrison figures were not my first hoplite unit - that honour belongs to this unit of 'S' Range figures.

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