Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lamming Egyptians

My Lamming Egyptian army is quite small really. I started it late in the 70s, then a succession of moves (an redundancies) kept me away from 'formal' wargaming for several years. When I got back to it in the late 80s I pretty much started with my Minifigs Egyptians.

The chariots have already appeared in the blog.

Two different unarmoured spearmen. The ones with the black and white animal hide pattern on the shield is the earlier version, the other ones with the painted shields had separate spears and shields.

The unarmoured archer was not exactly anatomically accurate, but I have to admit it's one I like.

At time of writing there are a load of Lamming figures on E-Bay. With already owning large Minifigs and Garrison Egyptian armies, I don't really want to buy them, but it's sooooo tempting...


  1. I like those. I still have my Hinchliffe NKE panzer regiment (still in the original packets) - hopefully one day i'll get round to painting them.

  2. I have built up a lot of different armies over the years but they are mostly Hellenic, Persian, Egyptian or Assyrian.