Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Minifigs 'S' Range Egyptian Chariot arm

Checking through my posts I realised that I hadn't actually posted pictures of the entire force - the last one that I thought had done this hadn't . So this helps redress the balance. My Egyptian chariot now includes a general, sub general and 4 squadrons of 4 chariots, one squadron for each of the 4 divisions of the army.

'New' General followed by recently demoted sub General. Hope he isn't too upset about it.

Chariots of the Amun Division.

Chariots of the Pre Division.

Chariots of the Sutekh Division.

Chariots of the Ptah Division.

The General, Amun and Pre Division chariots were painted by me, Sub General, Sutekh and Ptah chariots were bought from Harry

Now all I have to do is finish painting the infantry and cavalry...

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