Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lamming Sassanids

Plus a Minfigs elephant.

This army was in the process of refurbishment when I moved on to other armies. So, yet another army requiring work...

Quite a compact army - didn't get to finish it. Needs at least a dozen more clibinarii and some infantry. I do have 8 Hinchliffe clibinarii but they don't really match. Haven't tried it yet but I think the Garrisonones should be a reasonable match.

The figures are a lot like Bill Lamming - very solid. One need with these cavalry is to have a kontos replacement day.

These were part way through a repaint. I always liked to spend time on shields.

I did have more of these but they were borrowed by my Achaemenids.

Actually the archers also spent a lot of time with Cyrus. There is a unit of light javelins - they're still serving the earlier Monarchy.

The others either need work  to repair them or complete a repaint. The Minifigs elephants was just abandoned part way through because I don't really like it. Crew are Lamming, not sure where the original crew are.


  1. Very nice, always had a soft spot for the chubby Lamming minis.

    1. Long waists and short legs, Bill's figures were very distinctive. He said that he carved his masters out of brass - knowing Bill I can well believe that.