Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Irregular Miniatures Midianites

Sometime in the late 70s(?, could have been the 80s, or 90s... - probably was) I decided it would be useful to have a load of cheap levy infantry. At the time Irregular had an offer of 100 of any single figure for £35. So I got some archers and some javelinmen for use as required - mainly as Assyrian/Egyptian light infantry and Hordes. The javelinmen code came with 3 random variations, the archers 2.

The figures were not exactly brilliant sculpts, but they work and some day I might use some for a HoTT Neanderthal army...

 The javelinmen are not very inspiring, but they do the job and provide some nice generic Biblical era figures. As they had separate weapons they could also be used in roles such as civilians, porters, slaves, artillerymen, etc.

Strangely I quite like the archer figures.

Hordes from the days before I added paint to the base filler... and demonstrates one reason why I consider it such a useful idea.


  1. They also serve, who also stand at the back and carry a spear in a generally unenthusiastic fashion.

  2. My armies have always included large numbers of cheap, quickly painted (or half painted) figures to bulk them out.