Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Celts are in business...

One of the armies picked up when I bought Harry's collection was rather a large force of Celts, mainly infantry. Harry had sold the chariots separately on ebay earlier - not knowing I was going to get this lot, I let the chariots go...

However, there were a load of unpainted Celtic chariots in with the rest, and as I was already painting up a load of Assyrian chariots I thought...

The Celts can be split into 2 rough groups - Minifigs PB Range and Garrison 20mm. The cavalry were all Garrison, the chariots and slingers Minifigs 'S' Range. So I decided to put together a force of Minifigs Celts.

The basis of the force are 2 48 strong (or 16 element strong) warbands mounted  as WB(F) - the slingers meant that this crowd were going to get the job of Ancient Brits when called for. The figures were sprayed with gloss varnish in my usual way but otherwise left alone.

Chariots were all painted in rather a simple style and given crews from the masses.

I don't think the ax is historically accurate, but the figure makes a great general.

Many years ago I built an Airfix Ancient Brit army and bought a few assorted Minifigs PB cavalry to go with them. Even retouched and given a nice shiny coat they are probably still amongst the worst painted figures in my armies. I have got some unpainted Minifigs cavalry that I'll paint over the next few weeks, plus there are some others I need to find - at the moment they're skulking around with a bunch of Carthaginians.

Again, gloss varnish and basing, nothing else, to give me a units of slingers and a unit of light javelins.

All in all, this force - I'm not going to call it an army yet - has been mostly a case of putting things together - all I've actually painted are the chariots plus some remedial work on the cavalry. However, the Airfix Celts were used a lot in the past, I don't see why these should be any different.

Remind me to keep them away from elephants.


  1. Marvellous army there.... they made me think of Sue Barker's Queen Cartimandua army in an old guide to wargaming I have.

  2. Though she always preferred to be Zenobia as I recall!