Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Some old Persians

My earliest lead armies were Persians and Greeks. The initial Persian forces concentrated on Garrison cavalry and Minifigs infantry. It seems a bit strange to me today that the 64 cavalry were considered to be enough! Hate to think how many Persian cavalry figures I've got now..

At some stage (later 70s?) I added a few standard bearers. This was a period when I liked big standards.

When the PB Range came out my interests went towards Alexandrian Macedonians and Later Persians. As I recall I should have 20 Cardace infantry, so not sure where the rest are. This lot are again in their mid 70s guise.

For some reason I had 60 light archers. Many of these are now in Sparabara units, but some are still serving as light archers.  Probably an 80s or 90s paint scheme, in those days I often repainted figures. Still do.

The slingers are later issue Minifigs as I didn't originally have any.

It was a time of no shading or gloss varnish, but lots of squares and stripes.

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