Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 26 February 2016

My Assyrian 'To Do' list

Specifically, figures to go with the Minifigs 'S' Range Assyrians.

Actually I seem to have managed to get on quite well with this army. Once they original force was rebased, the main object was to complete the chariots - now pretty much done - and incorporate the few troops I already had. Since then I have been buying a few others on the internet, including a load of early one-piece cavalry castings.

So, still to do:

Lots of one-piece cavalry castings, all stripped and ready for painting. The first lot of armoured cavalry might be painted as a single unit of 20 open order 'light' cavalry, the ones with armoured horses and the horse archers probably as 'mixed' units, spears at front, archers at rear. If so, I'll go old school and treat the horse archers as 3 to a base cavalry rather than 2 to a base lights. I already have enough light horse archers anyway.

These early spearmen I'm not sure about. I bought quite a few of these but most have been used as chariot crew - chances are these  will finish up the same way.

I have an odd 30 figure heavy infantry unit to incorporate - the unbased figures here. I also have 2 20 figure ex-Harry units. Decisions, decisions... do I use 8 of mine to upgrade the ex-Harry units to 24 figures? Mine have bronze armour, do I leave them or do a repaint to match the rest of the army?

Over the years I've picked up a load of 'S' Range figures that I believe were described as 'Carthaginian archers'. Some used to serve in my Macedonian archers a lot of years ago, but these figures have never really found a place in any army. I've decided that, as my 'S' Range Assyrians don't have any light archers, and as they do look vaguely Assyrian, that is where they are going. Undercoated and will be sorted soon.

Mentioned in a previous post that I still have the figures for 3 more 4 horse chariots - well, have made a start on these, but as also stated not in a great hurry with them - they could be a while.

I also have a few 'S' Range 'cataphracts' lying around somewhere, just not sure where, or when I'll get round to them.

And that's basically it. Once this lot are painted and based my Minifigs 'S' Range army will be complete - but that doesn't mean I'll stop buying them if any more come up on E Bay. That's one of the problems with being a bit of a magpie. My excuse is 'need to upgrade 20 figure units to 24 figure units'. Also, the heavy archers and slingers have all been based 4 to a base and I could use  some units with 3 to a base!

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