Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Egyptians, Assyrians and Indians...

Doing the Persian Review I mentioned that I didn't have any Garrison Nubian Auxiliaries in the army because they had all been allocated to the Egyptian army. Egyptians and Assyrians were two of the armies I was working on when I acquired Harry Pearson's collection. At that point work stopped on 'my' armies and they've been in a kind of stasis since. It does mean that some units weren't finished or based and when I came across some of them I thought...

Anyway, quickly painted green over the sand figure bases on these Nubians and now have either 2 24 man Nubian units or 1 48 figure unit... which are now officially part of the Persian army. Should have painted the bases a lighter green.

The standard bearer is Rose and I used the axe version of the basic Nubian figure as the officer (the figure was designed with an axe head on one end, spear point the other so you could use it as either). There is an extra command element to allow for the 1 or 2 unit options.

Of all my conversions this is the most versatile.

As a basic archer it appears in lots of my Ancient armies - for example, Egyptian light archers, sparabara archers, Elamites... here being used as Assyrian unarmoured archers.

Some bought-in already painted Minifigs Indians from a long forgotten source... don't think these are ex Harry, could be.

Nothing to add really - probable reason it's avoided being based in the past is because it's only a 4 element unit rather than my usual 6.
So that's a few units based. Plenty more figures lying around in various states of readyness, especially for the Greeks.

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