Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Figures for mould just about ready.

Just a bit of tidying up needed on some of them.
I'm hoping to send these and the Napoleonic cavalry away by the weekend. That will leave another two moulds to be made later, say end of July/beginning August. I hadn't intended getting 6 moulds made this year!

My 'requirement' is about 100 Syrian archers. I might try and put another master of these on the mould.

The Lycians would need a 24 strong unit - if I go for an extra Syrian one of these would have to go. Putting a new spear on is a risk - could easily break off when the mould is being made. Being Bw rather than Ps I'll probably do an officer and standard bearer for the unit as direct conversions. In fact, just the standard Persian officer would be OK for the oifficer.

Already have my Milyae unit so probably won't do any of these for my own use. The sensible option would be to not do these on this mould but leave them for the next set of moulds! It would leave more space for an extra Syrian and Caspian or Arab without dropping a Lycian...
Change of tack with the 'Sarangian' - simply took the horse archer conversion and made it into a generic archer - not worried about high boots! To be fair, I have about three other archers already that could do this job... Initial 12 figures wanted but the figure will fit in other units anyway - as Sparabara or 4th Century 3Bw for instance.

Caspians, etc, so might do two or three units - max 36 figures? Still not really happy with this figure, one reason why I changed my mind over the Sarangian. For this reason I'm also trying the same as with the Sarangian - remove the bowcase, add a cloak, put quiver on the belt and use that as the Caspian, etc, type. I'll see which one I prefer when I bag everything up!

Arabs already got 12 so another 36 planned. Figure works, nothing else to say.

So will probably cast about 200 figures from this mould. Good job I'm doing this as hobby, that's 100 figures short of the mould being 'economic'.

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