Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Plataea moves 10 to 12

And we have a Winner!! - Just...

At the start of Move 10 the Greeks are being held up on the flanks whilst the centre has been split apart and the Persians are starting to roll the Greeks towards each flank. 

As far a casualties go, the Persians at this stage have lost 2 complete units - one of light cavalry and the Medes of Corps III.

The video shows the position after move 9 movement but before combat.

On the Persian right, the Theban cavalry have now pulled the Corinthians out of position and are remembering Young's First Law in the Use of Light Cavalry. 'The true place for light cavalry to be is at the back of the army. The enemy army.'

The orange Corinthians had a major fightback in move 11.

More nibbling away at the Grant Spartans.

This is actually an end-of-move 11 pictures showing Pausanius and his battalion swinging round on the Persian left flank - but those green Persians of Corps II are still hanging in.

Some comfort for Grant Spartans as some light javelins hit the blue Persians on the flank and take out a double element. Seems that Greeks like a bit of a nibble every now and then as well.

In fact, the Greek light infantry are proving quite deadly as the Athenian archers hit the Persian light cavalry and take half of it out. The rest of the squadron survived a reaction test.

At the end of move 12 I decided to count up. 23 Greek elements lost, 17 Persian elements lost. At this point I was thinking 'night time, mostly a draw, both sides pull back and glower at each other'. Then I counted the remaining elements and found that the Greeks had gone over the third losses by one element! Army reaction test!

Firstly, the Greek light javelind decide to retire for a couple of moves...

Everyone else fine until I reached the Dolphin battalion - they routed!

At which point the surviving Corinthian battalion decided on a more dignified exit..Add caption

I did do the movement only for move 13, not a pretty sight, especially on the other flank...

But if you want to see it, just watch the video...

Although that completes the battle, I'll do another post to expand on the rules as I used them, anticipated changes for future battles and my analysis of how things went.


  1. Oh dear. Perhaps the Romans will be able to deal with the Persians in the distant future.