Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Army Review 2019 - Assyria

Too good an opportunity to miss. On the one hand, the 'new' chariot means it's a good time to fit in the Assyrian Review, on the other hand it helps put off thinking about the Persian Review.

Basically I have 3 Assyrian armies. The first is mainly 70s Lamming, small units from the days when I could still paint. Next, the Garrison force, virtually all conversions and home-made chariots. Finally, the mainly ex-Harry force.  
The army awaits the arrival of the new king

The king inspects his force. He's so new I haven't decided what to call him yet.

Chariots from the days when I could paint.

Infantry likewise

And more. Those two units are probably amongst my best ever painted shields.

Chariots belonging to a previous king - Minifigs S Range but Garrison converted charioteer.

Two horse chariot, The shield was painted 40 years ago! As I said, back when I could paint.

Garrison conversions - converted crew, parasol is Khmer, horses standard Garrison cavalry horses

4 horse chariots Minifigs S Range but horses are Assyrian cataphract horses rather than official chariot horses.

Thought I'd do a separate picture of all the completed Assyrian chariots together. 40 chariots in one place is quite impressive.

This picture comparison comes under the heading 'you have to be kidding'. Years ago - possibly in the 90s after Steve Thompson sold Garrison to Paisley Miniatures - I found a company that claimed to custom make figures if you then bought 50 of them. So I sent them drawings of a couple of designs plus a couple of Garrison to show what they had to be compatible with. The guys in white are part of that order. They fit quite nicely with my Lamming but were meant to look more like the ones in front of them, ie: my own universal archer Garrison conversion... If they had come close - well, I now have several hundred of my conversion, I didn't order any more of theirs, nor did I send in any of my other designs.


  1. Impressive, that's one army I never got around to building, hats off to you!

    1. Also got one in 15mm:) Seriously though I keep trying to go outside my Greek/Persian/ Egyptian/Assyrian/Macedonian armies but always get drawn back in.

  2. Lovely Rob. I only ever had a few Assyrians way back in my Persian army.It was an army OI always should have done.

  3. A really impressive looking army and those shields are superb!

    1. My recent painting efforts I'm usually a bit dismissive of - back then, quite happy to accept that, yes, I could paint!