Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Boeing 247 Finished

Quite a bit gone on with this since last post, it's now finished. Before I go into details, I'll issue my usual warning: It's not meant to be an accurate model of a Boeing 247, I'm not good enough for that, it's meant as a wargames accessory for various pulp games that is designed to represent a generic 2 engined 1930s plane that just happens to be loosely based on a Boeing 247!
This shot is just to show the plane in relation to my pulp figures and Lledo vehicles. One thing I think I will do is to make the door a bit bigger.
The number NC13366 is not pure fiction. I've seen pictures of a couple of these starting NC133 - including  NC13361 - so the number may even have been borne by an actual plane.

Quite a few of the aircraft pictures I've seen included a large logo or similar behind the door so I thought - why not?

This shows the simple design I've used for the wheels. I've got a length of brass tubing going from the wheel into a hole in the engine housing with a second, shorter,  strut that stops it going in too far. Being easily replaceable I could easily swap the wheels with floats or skis - though not sure if I'll make them

So that's it. Colour scheme was because I felt it had to be green or blue/grey and I had a can of Wolf Grey lying around that I generally use to represent water.

Now, that's the two I wanted - generic single engine plane and generic two engine machine - do I go for broke and add a totally unwarranted  three engined Ford TriMotor clone?


  1. Great model! Love the first picture.

    1. Thanks. Admit I prefer to take pictures that are a bit more than just the bare model (but often don't).