Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 14 June 2019

The Battle

Now the shooting starts...

Things starting to appear and trying to cross the hedges. This was one of the main features of this battle - tanks rolling dice to cross hedges and failing.

Mostly the tanks managed. Meanwhile, the reluctance of the German infantry to advance across an open field proved to be right as they ran into fire and quite a few died.

The panthers and one of the Tigers concentrated on the Shermans which eventually died. Another thing about this battle was that most things (apart from German infantry) didn't want to die - think I've mentioned my families' ability to roll low?

This lot for instance. 9" normal move through these woods so I said 'OK, 1-2 = 3", 3-4 = 6". 5-6 = 9". They managed 9" in 3 moves.

The battle here finished with one King Tiger and the 76mm Sherman dead. I later realised that, because the model was a Firefly, I was treating it as gun class 1 - it should have been class 2!

American tanks dead, infantry in hiding, German tanks shooting from the hedge, infantry advancing...

And this guy still stuck on the hedge. Well, he's over 30 years old. Could be 50.

Learnt a few things. King Tigers difficult to kill. Actually, everything difficult to kill or move if you keep rolling 1 or 2.  On the other hand, gave me a chance to re familiarise myself with Rapid Fire moves.


  1. I really like your set up which reminds me of “Battle, Practical Wargaming “ a book l still enjoy reading .

    1. It's nice being able to just set things up theses days - before, I had to choose between casting or gaming and it was a major effort, now I would be able to do both and still have space to spare - though not curently well enough for casting.