Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 12 January 2020

First battalion finished!

First impressions? Napoleonics take a lot longer to paint than Ancients! As a minimum, I think I would need 3 infantry battalions, 1 gun and 2 6-man cavalry squadrons per side to have a meaningful battle. On projected painting rates, I will need about 6 weeks to complete these. Hope I'm still 'interested' enough in doing these to last out!
In the event I went for a decorative non-playing separate command group. The command group base is a slightly different colour because I ran out of the original paint!

I went for a gloss finish to the figures and plain green base.

Command figures have a simple paper flag printed off the Internet.

One of the deciding factors in going for the separate command group was because I thought having them in the centre of the square would look good.


  1. They do look most attractive and I like the separate command group.

    Painting 26 man units is however a challenge these days.

  2. 'Retirement' (as it is) has advantages - lots of short painting bouts spread over the day...

  3. They look great, Rob! Needless to say, I approve mightily of the shininess.
    Best regards

  4. Very nice: Old School still looks good. Six weeks isn't too much time to elapse to finish off the rest - you have done one third of the foot already. I once did 81 ACW foot figures in an evening (a never-to-be-repeated performance!).

  5. Very nice and shiny.... Any French on the horizon?

    1. Yes - need the other side, French are really the only option for now. Have a go at minor states later. It's useful that, to a latge extent, that for cavalry at least, main ifferences can be sorted with a different paint job.