Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 31 January 2015

A surfeit of chariots

OK, these are the issues.

I've got  a lot of chariots, but they're not all in the right place.

Persian chariots? All over the place from about 5 incompatible sources. Assyrian chariots 3 incompatible sources.  The Persians - I can 'afford' to lose some. The Assyrians - really, they group into 3 separate forces anyway, one of which is very short of chariots. The Minifigs 'S' Range figures only came with 3 chariots:
Really, they need more. There is one (2, but I'm not touching the Indians) obvious source:
Adding these would give me a chariot force of 8 chariots. It's a viable option and one I'm looking at as the probable answer. However, that leaves 2 questions. The first is; do I leave the paintwork as it is and simply put in a new crew, or do I repaint them? The second is: who do I use as a crew? The original Assyrian chariot has an 'S' Range charioteer (conversion?) and Garrison crew. Perhaps my charioteer conversion - except he only has the short rather than full length armour?

Well, it's a couple of things to ponder about.

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