Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 16 January 2015

An Eclectic Mix of Persian Chariots

OK, even apart from these I already have an eclectic mix of Persian chariots.

Three different sets of chariots bought from Harry, two different painters. All very different. Incidentally, for a different way of painting some of these look at the Assyrian chariots at the top of the page, bigger versions: I put mine into the Assyrian army with Lamming horses and crews.

I'm counting these as one set!

Think Harry painted this, not sure. If I ever do a Jubilee Parade a la Parum Pugna then I would have to use this Great King - 'mine' are Cyrus and, well, Cyrus - one too early, one too late.
 Really,  this one is actually not Xerxes he's Darius, but I'm still going to use him as every Persian King except Cyrus and Cyrus.
Again, I think Harry. Love the paintwork


Not painted by Harry. These are by Ray McGarry

More by Ray McGarry - different link

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