Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 10 January 2015

My favourite elephant...

is the Garrison 25mm Carthaginian one...
 I'd always considered it to be too big for my 20mm Garrison armies - well, it is really - but it's got a certain style other elephants just can't match. Even if it is 40 years old. It is 40 years old - I painted it in 1974!

By the way, it isn't finished yet. My original intention was to put a dfferent picture in every panel but I eventually just gave up on it.


  1. He is utterly splendid!
    BTW I was lying in bed and thinking about figures I had in the early 70s- mounted hoplites who were one piece castings (horse and man) with shield and spear.Do you recall them and who made them?

  2. Possibly JohnBee?:

    Some very early Minifigs were one piece castings, don't know offhand of any others.