Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 12 January 2015

Other Garrison Persian Infantry

I'm putting this out as the second posting of the day to get the basic Persian infantry force (Sparabara general levies) out of the way.

The Persians fielded quite an array of infantry in their armies, not always accurately represented by Garrison (or Funken). Take the basic Garrison javelin/bow/shield unarmoured figure in the round cap and...
The blue unit are the standard figure. This unit is ex-Harry
The middle unit has had bowcase removed and a new shield - see page 39 of Funken volume1 (Soldiers of All Time)

The figure at the front is simply a dismounted cavalry figure - leg twisted forward and mounted on a base. Must do some better pictures of this one!

Three units, two mainly standard figure with a couple of archer conversions, the third as spear/bow armed Bactrians - archer conversions and standard figure with shield removed.

The Bactrians are the ones in the back...

  Or the front...

Basic Garrison Persian archer as seen in Sparabara unit.

Didn't like these figures when they originally came out; now they are one of the main figures in my army

Apart from 'my' figures, I also have quite a few from Harry to integrate into the army, as well as some Charles Grant

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