Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Garrison Persian cavalry

For the first couple of years after 'discovering' lead figures virtually all the cavalry were Garrison. This posting is quite useful in the sense that it shows the early survivors plus the ones that have succeeded them.

The only non-Garrison figures are some Hinchliffe figures that formed an early Guard unit - I just wanted to put all my Guard units together. They are mostly figures from 'my' collection and don't include any of the Charles Grant  ones. I have included a couple of units from Harry at the bottom, plus a few scratch-built and one plastic chariots.

My Guard cavalry units.
 My most recent. Cyrus of Cunaxa fame.

Cataphract horses and Greek cavalry painted as Persians.

Saw this lot around 1971ish and was told they weren't in production because they couldn't get them out of the mould.
 When I acquired Garrison I found a mould, cast up a couple of figures (it was the bow that kept failing), added the bow, stuck them on horses and produced them as one piece castings.
My original Hinchliffe Guard unit - originally had their own post but when the pictures failed I removed that post and have just included them here instead.
 These are the survivors of my original Garrison cavalry force.
 I think the middle figures are still in their original paintwork; the rest have been refurbished a couple of times
 The new generation.I've set these up so they can be used as either 12 or 24 man units by using the same shield design and having a spare command stand.
 Need more of these - spear/bow/shield cataphract figure on an unarmoured horse matches Herodotus.

 Standard bearers simply cataphract riders with added standard. The general figure was sold as an officer, while the officer figure I use was sold as the general - I swapped them round because the original general figure has the same headgear as the infantry officer!
Standard javelin/bow/spear light cavalry again set up for use as 12 or 24 man units.
  These units are conversions that didn't make production - they were produced on Tiranti moulds, very fragile, and I never had a vulcanised mould of them made.

A couple of ex-Harry units. Don't have a specific use for these yet, unlike the ones that have joined the Phrygian army.

I'm counting chariots as cavalry. 1 plastic (forgotton whose), 3 converted

 Converted/scratch built in front - charioteer seems to have lost his whip. It was an early conversion made before the figure apeared on a mould. For some reason never completed the other projected 4 horse scythed chariots, probably because production was diverted to the Assyrian chariots
Need more 2 horse scythed chariots to go with these, but frankly I've now got more than enough Persian metal chariots...

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