Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Work in Progress

Apart from starting to go through and rebuilding previous blogs - and hoping they'll come back naturally - my wargaming activities in terms of painting continue.

Two painting projects amonst many others are concerned with my chariot forces. The first is continuing with figures bought in the late 70s-early 80s. I have a Lamming-orientated chariot force, some of which I'm still painting... 2 horse chariots similar to ones on the header picture. The next batch is a load of Egyptian chariots that were included in the ones bought from Harry.
The Lamming figures 'stopped' at quite an advanced stage. A couple of good sessions should, now I just need to get the paint on.
The Egyptians have had a couple of good sessions. When I've completed all the unpainted 'S' Range chariots it will give me about 20 of the things. Add that to the 'Garrison/Rose' conversions, EA Range and Lamming chariots and the Egyptians will have quite a few chariots!

As for the future, for Egyptians I have so many Minifigs Egyptians that I think Minifigs will dominate that army scene. I do have quite a few Garrison, but mainly of two figure variations.  It isn't as clear cut with the Assyrians. Frankly I see the future as 3 separate armies - Minifigs, Garrison 20mm and possibly a hybrid Garrison 25mm/Lamming force.

Re other armies, Greek no contest - Garrison 20mm. There were very few Minifigs Greeks bought from Harry but lots of Garrison. Likewise, Garrison also made up the bulk of my own early Greek armies. The 'S' Range figures I have will actually fit in quite well anyway.

For Persia... well, they always did take everybody. OK, unit sizes don't match between Harry and I, but... well, really don't think that is going to matter much.  The Garrison Persians were due for major reinforcements, plus I still want to make them, but...

The 'S' Range Persians had a major advantage over Garrison because the Funken-inspired Immortals, Medes and Persians didn't have Garrison equivalents. Now, they do:

I have 50 of the Immortal archer ready for painting, the other figures need to be sent away to have a mould made, still thinking 'will I, won't I'. Probably will.

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